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Arsenal FX January 2013 - present
post-production / visualFX / finishing house
Flame artist
  leading jobs from start to finish
  final comps, cg integration, fixes, online, layoffs
  client finishing sessions
Mirada / 1.1 VFX / Motion Theory March 2005 - January 2013
production / post-production / visualFX house
Flame artist
  leading jobs from start to finish
  final comps, cg integration, fixes, online, layoffs
  supervision of roto / comp team
  client finishing sessions
  on set VFX supervision
misc roles
  Shake compositing
  Java programming to create custom visual effects
  Linux system administration & tech support
(including setup & maintenance of Flame, Silhouette, & Massive)
342 Media June 2004 - September 2004
DVD production company
  motion menu design (After Effects)
Creativeworks June 2003 - September 2003
advertising agency
  print design
workstation/server technical support
Chevron July 2001 - September 2001
research & technology division  
  hired to create experimental marketing videos to be used for recruiting / digital business cards / web
production / post-production
Compositing primary skill
Flame, Shake, After Effects (ACE), Silhouette  

project lead
managing comp/cg/roto team
conform / online
final comps
live action
client sessions

3D Tracking secondary skills
Boujou, PFTrack  
  tracking for 3D compositing
Programming / Languages  
Processing (Java), Bash, PHP, MySQL, HTML  

Linux shell scripting
custom visual effects creation via programming
web design & database backend
interactive installations

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems  
Linux / Windows / OS X  
  Unix command line / shell scripting / general use
System administration
building / networking / troubleshooting
Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Encore DVD, Audition, Sound Forge, ACID Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Quark Xpress, Dreamweaver, Flash, Director  

video / audio editing
dvd authoring
print design
web design
interactive applet design

UCLA September 2000 - March 2005
B.A. Design | Media Arts  
California High School September 1996 - June 2000
San Ramon, CA  
Personal Statement  

I’m an extremely charismatic and fun person to be around. Upbeat, fun, enthusiastic, always in a good mood, yet extremely patient, yup that's me. Creativity is never in short supply.

I thrive in team environments and love contributing to the greater project at hand. Give me any task; it will be done well and on time. Hard work is where it's at with me.

I learn extremely quickly, but recognize mastery takes time.

Software will never replace experience.

My childhood drawings could fill a semi. I’ve never gotten over my fascination for my Dad’s video camera and probably never will.

More than anything, I love what I do.